The most cost-effective way to develop nurse leader talent for today and tomorrow

  • Do your newly appointed Nurse Managers have the array of skills they need to be successful leaders?
  • When a Director moves up or out, do you have several talented Nurse Managers to consider for the job?
  • If your Chief Nursing Officer were to leave, do you have a Director ready to take the top seat?

If you only wish you could say yes to those three questions, you probably haven't engaged a professional Leadership Coach. Perhaps you're not familiar with the benefits of Leadership Coaching for organizational effectiveness and succession planning. Or perhaps you considered it, then couldn't justify the added expense.

A core belief at Kirby Bates Associates is that healthcare teams become exceptional when they have exceptional leaders. Our clients believe that too, which is why they contract with us to search for permanent or interim leaders when a need arises. We developed our Leadership Coaching practice because we also believe organizations often overlook a far more cost-effective approach: developing internal talent.

The cost of coaching to prepare talented individuals for leadership positions is a bottom-line bargain compared with the cost of recruitment and interim placements to fill vacancies. Can anyone say that more convincingly than a company deriving most of its revenue from executive search and interim placements?

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