The expert analysis leaders need to improve nursing operations, finances and care

  • Would your organization benefit from an objective analysis of nursing performance and productivity against national benchmarks?
  • Do you want your nurse managers and directors to have the expertise and tools necessary to develop and effectively manage their own budgets?
  • Are you interested in consulting support from experienced nursing experts who have a track record of providing value-added services at lower cost than many other consulting firms?

For more than 25 years, the Consulting Practice at Kirby Bates Associates has helped patient care executives improve the operations and financial performance of their departments, enhance the credibility and effectiveness of leadership teams, and strengthen nursing operations and patient care.

Kirby Bates Associates consulting is outcome-oriented and is structured to achieve results during the course of the consulting process. Kirby Bates Associates consultants work closely with every client to ensure a maximum return on investment and tangible results based on organizational needs.

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