The best solution for providing top performing interim healthcare leaders with the greatest value is right here

  • Is it a challenge for you to find the time and expertise to quickly find top-performing, outcome-focused interim leaders?
  • Do you desire to have access to a national pool of top nursing and healthcare leaders at lower cost than many other interim placement firms?
  • Do you want the added value of nursing experts who take the time to thoroughly understand your organization’s unique needs before placing an interim leader?

If you answer “yes” to all of the above, then your solution to finding outstanding interim leaders is resoundingly Kirby Bates Associates!

When planned or unplanned departures of vital leaders occur, partnering with Kirby Bates Associates for Interim Leaders is always a great solution. KBA works with hospital clients and provides high performing interim executives, directors and managers drawing from a national pool of seasoned patient care executives and healthcare leaders.

Interim leaders provide outstanding value and often come to the rescue for organizations at critical times. The departure of a leader, particularly an unplanned one, can leave an organization at a decision point of how best to continue with the organization’s agenda. Interim leaders provide high value leadership and management support that allows the organization to take the time necessary to recruit a permanent leader.  In addition, Interim Leaders often benefit the organization by providing a fresh approach and perspective unencumbered by existing culture and constraints. Once a permanent executive has been chosen, Kirby Bates Associates Interim Leaders can assist in the onboarding of the selected permanent candidate to the environment, operations and challenges of the position and work with the organization during the transition.

Led by Executive Vice President for Interim Services, Doris Sinkevich, MS, RN, CENP, Kirby Bates Associates provides efficient and seamless transitions with Interim Leaders who are prepared to hit the ground running and provide expert service from the first day. Demonstrating an outstanding track record, Kirby Bates Associates placements have proven to be most successful in achieving organizational needs.

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