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    Ever wonder how one of your better performers gets recruited away right from under your nose and you didn’t even know they were canvassing the market? Worse yet, they were an “A” player and you didn’t comprehend the full extent of the loss until they were gone?

    High performers don’t need constant strokes but they do need a development plan facilitating their ability to demonstrate contributions and grow as an emerging leader.  But how do you assess your team and understand who has the greatest potential?  


    As a coach, I’ve learned there are five key raw qualities that translate into successful nurse leaders. 

    1. Critical Thinking or the skill to objectively analyze and evaluate an issue in order to form a judgment.
    2. Emotional Intelligence as demonstrated by the capability of an individual to recognize their own, and others, emotions and to use this emotional information to guide thinking and behavior thereby managing or adjusting emotions to facilitate goal achievement.
    3. Introspection as defined by incorporating the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes resulting in enhanced self-awareness.
    4. Empathy or the ability to put oneself in another colleague's shoes. This is one of the key traits demonstrated by transformational leaders.
    5. Tolerance as it relates to managing ambiguity and making sense out of the randomness that exists in working in a complex adaptive system.

    By proactively evaluating your leadership landscape and constructing a well-developed coaching plan, you can identify budding talent, thwart untimely departures and groom candidates to become the robust leader your organization needs.

    If this possibility resonates with you, explore the use of a qualified professional coach capable of assessing your leadership team and building a solid development platform.

    The time is now to invest in the future. 

    Be proactive- before someone else steals your valuable talent.

  • A Solid Resume: The Door to Your Next Opportunity


    How important is your resume in your search for a new position?  It may be more important than you think. In our highly competitive industry, having a resume that stands out from the crowd is critical.

    By including these key components in your resume, you will ensure a positive first impression from the onset of the interview process. 


    Include your early clinical experience – Even if you are pursuing a CNO position, it is beneficial to include your early clinical experience. With the advent of shared governance, staff nurses are generally included in the decision-making process when hiring key leadership positions.  It provides credibility to know that you have walked in their shoes at one time.  

    List a description of your organization – include whether it is a teaching hospital or an Academic Medical Center (AMC), the size of the hospital, and any specific accolades such as Magnet or Malcolm Baldridge designation, level 1 trauma, NCI-designated Cancer Center, etc.   

    Check for accuracy– ensure each piece of information on your resume is completely accurate – especially start and end dates. 


    Your resume should include: 

    • Education: degree spelled out (no abbreviations), institution and location, and year of graduation/completion.
    • Experience: start and end dates by month and year, title and department, institution and location, description of responsibilities, number of FTEs, direct reports, title of person to whom you report, total budget financial responsibility, and committee participation.
    • Accomplishments: Include specific measurable accomplishments.
    • Licensure and Certifications: active license status including state(s) and active certifications spelled out (no abbreviations).
    • Professional Memberships: organization names and leadership positions held.
    • Presentations: title, forum, location and date.
    • Publications: title, name of publication, volume and page numbers, and date.
    • Awards and Honors
    • Community Service

    If you are searching for a new leadership position, please contact us.

  • Attending AONE 2017? We hope to see you there!


    AONE pic


    Thousands of nurse leaders will attend AONE 2017 in Baltimore to celebrate 50 years of inspiring leaders.  We are excited to take part in the collaborative environment and connect with colleagues from across the country, learn the latest innovations and rejuvenate our passion as a nurse leader! 


    Visit us at booth 508 |  March 29- April 1st in Baltimore

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