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  • Why You Should Consider Using a Professional Coach


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    What would you think if during a review a supervisor said,
    “You could benefit from having a professional coach”?

    In days past, this statement would bring heart palpitations to emerging leaders and seasoned executives alike, whose first thoughts might be that they were failing, performing poorly, or heading down the road of being replaced.

    However, contrary to the band aid approach that organizations have used for engaging coaches in the past, today’s coaching engagements are strengths-based and future-focused. Professional coaching today is designed to further develop already strong employees and emerging leaders to assure the long-term success of the organization.

    The Value of a Professional Coach

    It’s no wonder that companies worldwide are using coaches more than ever. Of 181 global firms The Conference Board surveyed in 2016, 69% say they expect to rely more heavily on coaching in the coming years.

    Exec Coach Graphic describing career goals, expertise and career gaps.


  • Top 5 Trends for Healthcare


    As the initial two months of the new year are already in the rearview mirror, five trends are emerging from the headlines to form the 2018 healthcare agenda: 

    1. The opioid crisis
    2. Social determinants of health
    3. Healthcare reform
    4. Patient experience
    5. Leadership alignment



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    1. Tackling the opioid crisis – Opioids are the leading cause of death for US adults younger than 50. (1) This year all stakeholders must collaborate to prevent opioid misuse, improve treatments for chronic pain, and support patients struggling to recover from opioid addiction.(2)

    2. Social determinants move to the forefront – As healthcare organizations continue to shift toward value-based care, they are working to understand the social factors that affect health. (3) In fact, 73% of provider executives and 50% of payer executives are working with community allies, such as schools, grocery stores, and churches, to address these social issues. (2)

    3. Healthcare reform isn’t over, it’s just more complicated – Many are predicting the replacement of Medicaid expansion with a block grant system – a move that will reduce federal spending on the program by up to $800 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation.(4)

    4. Emphasis on the patient experience – Healthcare providers have succeeded in making administrative tasks more convenient for patients (5) but 2018 will see significant strategic investments in patient experience.  Forty-nine percent of provider executives said revamping the patient experience is one of their organization’s top three priorities over the next five years.(1)

    5. Maintaining leadership alignment to organizational initiatives – The turnover rate in the C-Suite is steady at 18%, according to the American College of Healthcare Executives, (6) which is costly and disruptive.  Look for increased attention to executive recruitment and retention efforts, as well as succession planning, throughout the year.

    KBA Interim Leadership

    Kirby Bates Associates, LLC, works with healthcare executives to achieve sustainable outcomes for their greatest leadership challenges through a comprehensive platform of proven services:  


    Interim Leadership – to provide immediate value-added leadership resources 
    Executive Search – to find the culturally complementary leadership talent
    Coaching – to help new or struggling leaders be the best they can be
    Consulting – to evaluate resources and identify innovative solutions for increasing quality and decreasing costs


    Doris A. Sinkevich MS, RN, CENP 
    Executive VP Interim Leadership

    Doris is an accomplished healthcare executive, bringing over 30 years of nursing and healthcare leadership experience to her responsibilities at KBA.

    Her previous roles as a CNO, COO, and regional senior healthcare executive have encompassed acute care, behavioral health, and long-term acute care settings including public and private hospitals, for-profit organizations and private industry. 


  • New Year- New Aspirations


    The new year brings a time for contemplation and reflection.   For many, these reflections are met with resolutions and plans to achieve success in the future.  

    What Inhibits Success?

    It is good to be able to recognize, articulate and utilize your strengths. However, it is also important to understand where you may be negatively impacting your leadership journey.  KBA Coaching Services can help you understand what is driving your journey as well as what is slowing you down.

    Kirby Bates can assist with professional career guidance and planning services on several levels.

    Selected KBA Career Guidance Support includes:

    • Resume services
    • Development of personal portfolios
    • Professional counseling services from qualified career consultants
    • Organizational & competency coaching services
    • Interviewing tips for impact
    • First impression preparedness
    • Matching talents with opportunities

    Our coaches are completely dedicated to the most important aspect of the coaching equation… you.  If you are committed to taking your career to the next level – or know of someone with budding leadership potential – contact Kirby Bates. We can help to enhance self-awareness and make impactful change.  

    Give your career and your team the chance it deserves to move in the right direction in 2018 with KBA Coaching Services.  

    To learn more about how you can advance your career through individualized professional coaching services, please contact:


    Pamela DeCampli, MSN, RN, NEA-BC
    Executive Vice President 
    and Certified Coach

    Phone: (610) 898-3354




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